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 Specialised in food and beverage operations, start-ups, expansions and restructuring.


Nina London
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 Hospitality Consultant and food and beverage expert
International food retail operation professional

My name is Gabriele Gori, a dedicated and enthusiastic Hospitality Consultant with strong food and beverage operations experience.

Specialising in 
  • Strategy and Business Planning
  • Revenue Planning and Reporting
  • Forecasting and Managing P&L
  • Inventory Planning and Control
  • Labour Cost Controls
  • Multi-Unit Operations
  • Events and Catering Operations
  • Managing People and Contractors
  • Designing and Executing Projects and Programs
  • Securing and Managing Partnerships
  • Managing Change
  • Food Safety and Health & Safety Compliance Services
  • Design and Delivery of Training Programs
Together with building connections and problem solving; multitasking, controlling costs, recruiting, training and growing new and existing candidates are my biggest strengths

With almost 20 years experience in managing people and processes, I can help successfully grow a business making sure every stake holder involved gets their share of profit, development and great service. 
I have a natural passion for food and people, a great attention to details and considerable technical and language skills.

My experience is based on a core foundation in coffee shops, bakeries, supermarkets, productions site and large event management. From start-ups to already established hospitality businesses; from concept to completion, passion, expertise and professionalisms are my stand-out qualities.

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Highlighted Project List 

full project list available upon request
Planet Organic - London
  • Worked with the Prepared Food team to improve efficiency and speed of service
  • Restructured the food display to maximise efficiency and speed of service
  • Organised the mise-en-place of the Juice Bar to improve speed of service
  • Worked with the HR team to improve employee and customer engament
Mercato Metropolitano - London 
  • Recruited the Management and Hospitality team
  • Wrote employment contracts and job descriptions for all roles
  • Wrote Staff Handbook and designed Induction Training for new starters
  • Set targets for labour costs and forecasted sales for 2017
  • Wrote the Health & Safety Manual and helped with compliance
  • Reviewed the Fire Risk Assessment
  • Business development and allocation of spaces to vendors

Backyard Cinema - London 

• Originally started in the founder’s backyard, BYC is a roaming, theatrical, cinema that shows a wide selection of films in a variety of iconic, unusual and immersive locations
• Size venues can range from a few dozens to 250
• Designed and managed private hire events for a variety of the cinema’s clients
Bluebelles of Portobello
Bluebelles of Portobello - London

  • Worked with the owner to build a management structure within the company and increase sales  
  • Wrote job descriptions for key positions and team member's training manuals
  • Worked closely with the Ops Manager to develop the team and build a system grow potential candidates
  • Reviewed procurement and contractors
  • Wrote the Food Safety Policy and improved EHO score
Balthazar Bakery
Balthazar Wholesale Bakery - London

  • Set sales forecast and budget for 2015 and helped develop a sales strategy for the same year
  • Introduced structure to the team, hired key members of staff and assessed labour costs and efficiency
  • Wrote business case for capex proposal
  • Improved and maintain the overall cleaning and hygiene of the production site
  • Improved customer relationship
Balthazar Bakery
Progetto H - Milan, Italy 

  • Opened the first Amuse Bouche restaurant in Milan
  • Structured the organogram and wrote job descriptions for key roles
  • Organised the production flow to minimise wastage and improve efficiency
  • Created tools to manage stock ordering, preparation and wastage
  • Trained the production team to implement procedures

What My Clients Say about Me

"Gabriele brings extensive knowledge from take away and food retail. He has a thoughtful but energetic approach with a sole focus on improving performance whatever the project. We enjoyed and benefitted from his time at Planet Organicand would certainly use him again as and when the appropriate project or challenge needed outside expertise"
Peter Marsh, 
CEO Planet Organic Ltd
“Initially head-hunted by my company for an Operations Manager position, I have also had the pleasure of working with Gabriele on several of Unitas’ consultancy projects. 
His experience, expertise and industry knowledge of the food retail and hospitality sector was instrumental and helpful for the projects he worked on and he always delivered.
He will always be a choice of mine to consult on projects that suit his profile."
Thomas Proxa MIH,
 Unitas Hospitality 
“Having met Gabriele through Linked In we have worked together on various joint clients. Gabriele is a very well respected professional in the Hospitality sector. I regularly meet many people whom speak very highly of him and his services and I would have no hesitation in recommending him..” 
Clare Garner, CEO Prestige Business Solutions
“I met Gabriele few years ago and hired him for the launch X of Mercato Metropolitano in Milan. Not only we had great fun in the "making" of the biggest event in Milan in 2015, hosting more than 2.5 million people in 4 months, but we also turned it into the most appreciated location by the Milanese.
Gabriele was there with me from the beginning and with all the MM team worked without sparing one minute, with full dedication and thanks to his skills in operations and human resources helped MM become the success it was..”
Andrea Rasca, 
Food Diplomat
“I had the pleasure to work with Gabriele Gori at Mercato Metropolitano in Porta Genova, Milan, during the spring/summer 2015 and it has been a very positive experience.
My position at Mercato Metropolitano was Vice-Chief Executive Dreamer, while Gabriele was the Chief Operating Dreamer, he was responsible for the overall operations of MM and we both reported directly to Andrea Rasca, the Chief Executive Dreamer.
Gabriele is a professional with tons of experience in operations and problem solving. You must understand that setting up a 16,000 square meter “pop-up”, first of its kind, in the heart of Milan hasn’t been a walk in the park, but Gabriele’s problem solving skills and ability to think outside the box, made the whole process a lot smoother than it should have been."

Andrea Storgato, 
Mercato Metropolitano
“I met Gabriele at Mercato Metropolitano this summer as he was working on a different project. Our company runs a small chain of restaurants in the heart of Milan (three of which within Mercato Metropolitano) and we got to know Gabriele pretty well professionally.
When we encountered difficulties in launching our new Amuse Bouche concept in via Savona, we asked for his help and he was very happy to get involved. His quick thinking and problem solving skills really helped organise the service, preparation and production flow, making sure we could retain our selection of recipes and keep our labor costs low. It is rare to meet such a warm, professional and efficient consultant. 
Costanza Zanolini, 
Owner Presso Humbistro
“I had the pleasure to collaborate with Gabriele on the start up of an amazing and challenging project: MM.
He is extremely enthusiastic about his work, always having a positive and creative outlook. 
Gabriele's problem solving ability let him juggle mutiple tasks efficiently, increasing the productivity of the team.
He is good at organizing and bringing people together. 
He would be an asset to any team!.” 
Alice Schenetti, 
Category Manager Mercato Metropolitano
“Gabriele Gori has been running the operations at Mercato Metropolitano while I was there running the MamaPetra bakery.
I didn’t report directly to him as MamaPetra was a concession of Mercato, but he was responsible for the overall quality of service and standards of all concessions and therefore I worked closely to him during this period of time.
Although his approach is very different from the way we do things in Italy and his determination to follow rules and processes drove us all crazy at times, I must admit that in the long run, his skills and experience has helped MM be a great success.”
Aurora Zancanaro, 
Tecnico Panificatore Presso Molino Vigevano
“Gabriele is a very rounded operations manager who has that ability to get people working for him through his management style and delivering great customer service standards. He engages well with others and understands how to run a busy hospitality/retail operation and deliver results..”
Esther O'Halloran,
HR Consultant and Business Coach
“Gabriele is a detail oriented person with a strong work ethic. Gabe is a true people person, this can be seen through therelations he has maintained with coworkers, staff ,members and clients. He is consitantly on top of his game.” 
Georgios Papadopoulo,
East market Diner
“Gabriele Gori is an excellent people and operations manager, and an expert on food, beverages and client hospitality. He's also very personable, helpful and it would be difficult to find a nicer person to work with on a project..”

Nick Breakell, 
Senior UX Designer

Professional Experience 

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Strategy and Business Planning

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

Ideas are not always easy to translate into a working operational model, let alone one that makes financial sense. As a Hospitality Consultant, not only can I help my clients make that transition, but I will make sure their strategy or business plan is built on solid facts, research and expertise.
From the “who” and “what” (business plan) to the “how” and “when” (strategic plan) I can give you the tools and assist you in creating the perfect plan.
By analysing competitors and studying trends and demographics, I will formulate an accurate and simple SWOT analysis to design a model around my client’s ideas, incorporating company values and taking into account industry opportunities, potential threats and broader societal expectations. 
From purpose to fact I can assist you in making it happen and I will help you set the right goals and look at and analyse the right KPIs.
With my knowledge in both independent companies and bigger groups, I have gathered the experience to be able to assist any company in defining the best plan for their businesses. 

Forecasting and Managing P&L

From a solid business strategy and an accurate revenue plan I have helped different clients forecast an accurate P&L, taking into accounts their goals and their company purpose. From food cost and labour to overheads and invariable costs, I can influence every line of your P&L and not only help you achieve your operating margins, but also the very much-needed win6 for all stakeholders involved.
Calculating your break-even point, cash flow forecasting and re-evaluating your fixed expenses are also services I provide to my clients and they are all very important tool to manage new and existing businesses.

Revenue Planning and Reporting

“Sell More and Sell Smarter!”

Revenue planning is vital to most companies when conducting budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Based on history, footfall, trends, offer and competition, I can help any food-retail operation to formulate a realistic revenue plan for their budgets. 
Starting from your expenses, overheads and variable costs, I will forecast revenue with audacious optimism and help you keep a reality check analysing key ratios: gross margin, operating profit and revenue per employee.
With an accurate plan, my clients can successfully allocate their resources to achieve their goals.
Once the budget is approved I can also create the tools and the procedures.
Gabriele Gori Peace Image

Inventory Planning and Control


By helping my clients manage their Inventory I am helping them achieve their targets, minimizing waste and maximising sales potential.
From procurement review to correct ordering, storage, portioning control and accurate stock-take, I can help you manage every step of your stock flow to achieve the right food cost for your business.
With proper menu planning, sales forecasting and employee training, a restaurant can prevent overspending and I’ve helped businesses do so ever since my first management position at Pret A Manger.
Planning and controlling your company’s stock means creating internal policies and procedures to outline who can order inventory, how inventory flows through the company and accounting policies for valuing stock. Inventory planning and control can also help you manage your cash flow, generate higher profits and limit abuse i.e. theft, lack of F.I.F.O. and damages. 

Labour Cost Controls

“The only fast thing about our food is the chefs preparing it”
Not always true.
Controlling food and labour costs are two of the most important tasks for a restaurant owner and with my experience, knowledge and eye for detail I can implement the right procedures to achieve maximum efficiency for your team. This will make your team’s life easier, getting a better service to your customer and reducing your costs. Speed, quality and consistency are at the core of every customer oriented business and I am here to make your business stand out from the rest. 
How? Scheduling efficiently, cross-training your teams and improving the quality of your staff by helping you conduct regular appraisals and following up on training and development plans. Also, coaching managers to lead from the front and have a hands-on approach not only improves their awareness of the business and general knowledge, but it pushes the team to be more efficient, work harder and improves overall morale.
Gabriele Gori Thumbs up Image

Multi-Unit Operations

Many of the business owners who expand from a single unit to multi-unit operation fail or end up in a worse situation than before. Having the right people in place, with clear expectations, achievable targets and consistent follow-up is key to achieving good results.
This is not about delegating and micro-managing processes, this is about empowering people, making them feel like owners and helping them grow with their units and your business.
As a Hospitality Consultant I can help you manage this process at different levels, from building the bases to open more sites to defining job descriptions and targets, delivering training and coaching your existent multi-unit managers and recruiting new ones.

Events and Catering Operations

Once you have your purpose and objectives set, I can help you choosing the right venue, building the right team and nailing down your agenda. 
Planning and organising beforehand is key to success, but you will need a close follow up during the time leading to your special date and you will also need a hands-on operator to help on the day (or days) of the function. With my experience of managing events, I can guide my clients throughout this flawlessly and with as little stress as possible for all parties involved: from small corporate parties to large pop-ups, I can help you manage your resources within your budgets, secure sponsorship, determine an evaluation process and make sure all parties involved have their fair share of great service, satisfaction, fun and profit.

Designing and executing projects and programs

“Productivity is never an accident, It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort”

Projects, by definition and because of their temporary nature, are usually in contrast with “business as usual”, or operations. Programs also are usually sitting on top of the day-to-day operations and come from the needs of the business i.e.. training, re-branding, developing new concepts, you name it! Management of these systems requires different approaches, skills and management strategies.
From a business case and a strategic brief (which I can also help you delineate), I can formulate a detailed project execution plan (PEP) setting out how to manage the project, describing who does what and how, defining policies, procedures and priorities to be adopted. The PEP might also include costs, monitoring strategies, communication strategies, risk assessments and equipment required, if any.
With my help and accurate planning, not only could you manage your resources effortlessly, but you can also make sure to complete each project successfully and within budget.

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Securing and Managing Partnerships

“If you don’t have trust inside your company, then you can’t transfer it to your customers”

It’s a very wise approach for businesses to develop external relationships in order to remain competitive. This happens for two reasons: firstly, because companies have realized they cannot be the best at everything they do and they recognize that a better strategy is one in which they focus on what they can do best and establish relationships with other organizations that have different core competencies and that can help them excel overall. Secondly, information and communication technologies nowadays make it a lot easier to create seamless relationships with different locations, people and even times. 
Partnerships with contractors and suppliers means establishing a win-win relationship, one in which the client doesn't push for profit at the disadvantage of the supplier and the latter cares for its client’s profit to ensure mutual growth.
Finally, trust is at the base of every partnership and trust itself is made of 5 very important ingredients: reliability, know-how, relationship orientation (a company cannot be successful if managers are only concerned about their own profits), honesty and likeability.
We must choose our partners well and we must work on this relationship and my knowledge of different companies and experience in handling delicate situations can help any companies secure the partnerships they need for a smoother path to success.

Managing People and Contractors

And, be a great leader too: compassion first, default to trust, know the difference between skill and will, be specific! 
Managing employees is a fine art and it can really make or break your business. With my experience managing different size teams and different businesses I can coach managers into becoming better leaders, I can help you structuring your team, create expectations and job descriptions and set targets and goals for your people. All necessary tools to effectively get the best out of each and every individual in your workforce.
Managing contractors, on the other hand, needs a very different approach: find a good and reliable one first, then discuss their needs as well as your own and create a partnership. When there is a problem, you will need to address it right away with I-messages, but also being able to shift to active listening to understand their needs. After all, you can’t pull a freelancer into your office and threaten them with disciplinary action or to end their probation period. You need to find out what they are looking for in exchange for lending his or her talent to your organization as well as setting clear expectations, building relationships –as you would with any employees- but also, striving to make them feel part of the same team. As with employees though, you should monitor their performance closely and with regular reviews, spot checks and customer feedback (when possible!). Once again, these are all tools that I can help you create for your company and coach your management team in using them effectively and with great results.

Managing Change

“Don’t find fault, find remedy”

A core skill in what I do: as a Hospitality Consultant I am often brought in to better and improve things and this always mean bringing changes to procedures, standards, products, people, layouts, flows, focus, you name it!
People are hardly open to change, we like what we are doing and how we are doing it, no matter how wrong it is. 
So, what’s the best way to manage change constructively?
You need a vision: where you want to get to; you need skills to turn that vision into a realistic plan; you need resources to go hand-in-hand with skills, making sure to have the means to make that vision real and achieve your goals; you need incentives to get your people to embrace change and, ultimately, you need a solid and well-thought-out action plan.
My experience and expertise can help you define each and every part of this without confusion for a lack of vision, without anxiety for a lack of skills, without frustration for a lack of resources, without resistance for a lack of incentives and without false starts for a lack of a plan.
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